Group Retirement Savings Plans
Plus Onsite Annual Meetings — For Every Employee.


Meeting your staff annually on-site, face to face, allows McAuley Financial Services to offer insight, guidance and leadership on financial planning and retirement income to all of your employees. At no extra cost, MFS’s Certified Financial Planners use this time to help your employees with individual goal setting, asset allocation and tax effective planning.

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MFS Financial Coaches
Guiding Your Money Now & Amidst Change.


Understand how to prepare for your future retirement, as well as for worst-case financial scenarios. Your MFS Certified Financial Planners understand your challenges and dedicate their time and extensive knowledge to objectively advising you, helping you avoid mistakes. Learn why thousands of Ottawans deal with MFS and create peace of mind.

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Count on a Personal Connection you won’t get from website forms and “1-800” operators. Armed with insight and experience, MFS’s dedicated financial planners help Ottawa (ON) citizens make better investment decisions. Your team of MFS advisors always knows your current situation, so they’ll:

1. Encourage sound financial decisions through emotionally difficult or stressful times with objective (and Certified) advice.

2. Design an investment program that works towards your goals while addressing your risks.

3. Fortify your efforts, and offer greater peace of mind (including proven satisfaction) to help you obtain greater financial success than you could on your own.

Book your personalized “Retire Over Coffee” session by calling (613) 591-3900. There’s no cost and it’s a commitment-free way to see how McAuley Financial Services helps you realize your dreams and a life of security.

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“We empower and support our clients to make strong financial decisions to realize their goals.”

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