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Corporate Services
Personal Financial Planning

Throughout the investment and insurance industry, advisory fees are charged – regardless of the breadth or quality of service provided. But, at MFS – for the same fees you pay everywhere else – a team of Certified Financial Planners works with you face to face to help you achieve strategic goals.

Supported by licensed administrative staff, no matter how your life changes: whenever you need knowledgeable investment help, you’ll have it from someone who knows your goals, your family and the facts.

Corporate Services

Empowering and supporting employees’ financial health with comprehensive one-on-one financial guidance.

MFS’s Offering to Your Employees: One On One Financial Planning.

MFS partners with companies to implement and administer the latest in corporate retirement savings plans. Unlike traditional corporate retirement savings plans, we deliver real value in that we meet with each employee personally on-site to provide individual financial planning advice, allowing employees to focus their energy on work, not their finances. With MFS, each employee has the opportunity to receive ongoing personal financial planning advice (one-on-one visits and yearly updates) from certified financial planners.

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MFS’s Corporate Retirement Savings Plans (GRRSPs & Registered Pension Plans) help make sure your employees can afford retirement. With MFS, these group management services include:

1. A risk analysis profile, plus Group and personal RRSP contribution coordination, so you get the most appropriate fund recommendations and avoid investment conflicts;

2. Employee enrolment in retirement savings plans to shift advisory responsibilities and legal liability from your company to MFS;

3. Assistance with terminating employees: we complete paperwork and help choose new investment options so the transition is easier for you and your staff.

Group Insurance Benefit services from MFS keep your organization (and staff) healthier, more productive and happier.

1. Working with insurers and you, MFS advisors conceptualize, design and implement benefit plans that suit your organization’s strategic objectives (and your employees’ needs).

2. MFS manages your benefit plans and keeps you informed with face-to-face meetings and unlimited inquiries.

3. More competitive plans assist with remuneration policies: more financial stability helps you attract new staff and keep existing employees loyal and more productive.

4. Yearly insurance product reviews and MFS’s negotiations with your insurers keeps your rates highly competitive.

Financial Education in the Workplace
The Value of Financial Education in the Workplace
Financially Healthy Employees
The Value of Financially Healthy Employees

Personal Financial Planning

Make Your Retirement Plans A Reality

Your team of MFS advisors (Certified Financial Planners) care about your future, dedicating their professional knowledge to your financial success. Through respectful, confidential meetings, they help you create, implement and manage a personal financial plan. Your team is your resource for risk management planning, to help you prepare against worst-case financial scenarios in life, disability, critical illness or long term care.

Begin a Long Term Relationship That’s All About You.

1. A team of Certified Financial Planners helps you fulfill your personal financial goals: The right advice, strategy and investments to fit your priorities and your budget.

2. Unlimited meetings with a professionally trained advisor: So you always know how close you are to a comfortable retirement, how to keep loved ones financially protected and that your money is working smarter.

3. An objective, expert listener, judgement-free — so you’re more comfortable discussing your ever-evolving needs and challenges.

4. You can be assured you’ll have the complete, undivided attention of all MFS staff when you need it.

5. Meet face to face at the Ottawa West office at your convenience: You’ll always be able to talk to our knowledgeable professional staff, and gain clarity on market news and complex issues.


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